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Role of ESIS

ESIS administers the Scheme. Under the Scheme, ESIS needs to collect certain Personal Data about the Patient, their authorised representative (if applicable), and any healthcare professional providing supporting evidence. The Personal Data ESIS collects is set out in the Application Form and Supporting Evidence Form, and may also be supplemented by additional information collected from healthcare professionals who have treated the Patient, as well as third party sanctions and anti-fraud databases.

ESIS uses the Personal Data it collects in order to consider whether a Claim is eligible for payment under the Scheme, to communicate with the Patient or their representative, and to process any payment made on a Claim (if eligible). Where necessary, the Patient’s Personal Data may be shared with third parties including ESIS’s service providers, reinsurers, and government health and law enforcement agencies.

You may have certain rights in respect of the Personal Data processed by ESIS. More information about these, as well as other conditions that apply to ESIS’ use of your Personal Data, can be found in ESIS’s full Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


ESIS, Inc., the claims Administrator appointed to manage and administer the Program, including, but not limited to, the receipt and registration of Applications, distributing acknowledgements of receipt of Applications, setting financial reserves for Receivable Claims, review of Applications, Supporting Evidence, and other documents to assess receivability, assessing Receivable Claims, and approve or deny, as the case may be, Payment for compensation, in accordance with the terms of the Program's Protocol.


The Covid-19 Vaccine Facility No-Fault Compensation Scheme, established to provide fair compensation to eligible vaccine recipients who suffer a Serious Adverse Event related to a COVID-19 vaccination that has been either:

  • procured and/or delivered by UNICEF on a Participating Country’s behalf;
  • donated to a Participating Country through UNICEF; or
  • formally included into the Scheme (but otherwise procured and/or delivered but not by or through UNICEF),

as detailed in the Scheme Protocol and its Schedules.

Personal Data

Any data that contains one or more identifiers from which the identity of the person can be determined or accessed directly or indirectly such as (but not limited to) their full name, national identification number, social insurance or social security number, passport number, driver’s license, or other government-issued identification number, credit card, debit card or financial account information, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, medical information or health insurance information, biometric records, digital signature files, account login information (such as a combination of user ID or email address when combined with password or other information that would give access to an account), and any other data that is protected by Privacy Laws.


A beneficiary of a Vaccine (i) procured and/or delivered by UNICEF on a Participating Country’s behalf; (ii) donated to a Participating Country through UNICEF; or (iii) formally included into the Scheme (but otherwise procured and/or delivered but not by or through UNICEF) who claims or in respect of whom it is claimed that he or she has suffered or sustained a Serious Adverse Event which is associated with a Vaccine or its administration, and which, in turn, has resulted in an Injury.


A written claim for compensation completed by a Claimant, using the Claim Form approved by and provided by the Administrator, as set forth in Schedule 2 of the Scheme’s Protocol, which must be accompanied by all Supporting Evidence.

Supporting Evidence

The supporting evidence, using the form in Schedule 3 of the Scheme’s Protocol, required to evaluate a Claim and that shall include:

  1. detailed medical documentation from a Registered Healthcare Professional describing the Injury and medical treatment required as a result of the Injury, together with details of any Hospitalisation or prolonged Hospitalisation, including but not limited to admission and discharge records;
  2. a description of the nature, extent, functional impact and prognosis of the Injury, as assessed by the Registered Healthcare Professional.
  3. a statement from the Registered Healthcare Professional that the Injury was, in the Registered Healthcare Professional’s opinion, the result of the Vaccine or its administration;
  4. certification from a Registered Healthcare Professional of when, where and which Vaccine was administered;
  5. in the case of death, a death certificate and any other documentation available from a Registered Healthcare Professional of the cause and manner of death; and
  6. any further evidence that the Administrator may deem necessary to adjudicate the Claim and/or Receivable Claim, as applicable, guided, as appropriate, by the Scientific Advisory Committee, the Review Panel, and/or the Appeals Panel.